History of Bud’s Car Wash Services

Named after my faithful black lab Bud, Bud’s Car Wash Services came from a service industry design my father started over 35 years ago.

We lead the Mid-South area for experience on all self-serve car washes, in-bay automatics, and all other components related to the car wash industry.

We rely on our 40 years of continuous business operations and over 80 years of combined experience to provide customers quick and reliable service to keep your car washes functioning and making you money.

Father and Son

Bud’s Car Wash Services roost started 40 years ago when my father, Paul Walker, built his first self-serve car wash on Millbranch Road. There he began to learn the ins and outs of operating a car wash that provided people a terrific way to clean their vehicles in a clean and reliable fashion.

Paul’s right-hand man, Charles, was hired in 1981 while still in high school. He was recruited from the Shop department at Whitehaven High School as an extremely intelligent and mechanical young man. This was proven true and he has worked for the family business ever since. Charles is considered true family and is a major component of Bud’s Car Wash Services today. He has expertise in every aspect of a car wash and can fix anything that our customers need fixed!

Growing the Car Wash Services

In 1983 Paul build another car wash on Covington Pike to expand his business and learn what it takes to own multiple facilities. He also opened Southern Distributors which was a car wash sales and service company providing the area with the knowledge that the business associates accumulated. Throughout the years other car wash owners could then rely on help with any issues that arose in their operations. Southern Distributors always kept relations with customers taking care of the problem personally with an easy service call, or even answering questions over the phone.

In 1985 Paul purchased a car wash on Lamar Avenue and built a warehouse behind it for Southern Distributors. Throughout the years the company moved into tunnel washes and in-bay automatics and kept up with the market innovations.

This business strategy has been passed on to me and I have held on to these business values in starting Bud’s Car Wash Services. I have been around car washes all my life, but I began truly working for my father straight out of college and have learned a great deal over the last 11 years. While semi-retired, my father still comes in daily and is always available to offer his experience and expertise for BCWS customers. Between my father, Charles, and I, we hold a diverse outlook on the car wash industry and can help all car wash operators take their business to its full potential. Using our services, owners can be stress-free when mechanical malfunctions arise because there are no car wash repair issues we haven’t seen before!

Coming from an animal-loving family, I named the new service company after my longtime friend, Bud, my 15-year-old black lab. He loves to come to work when possible and is always looking for a head scratch and a treat.

As a family owned company we think of our customers as friends, and we want all operator so succeed. Whether you are a long-time car wash owner or just coming into the industry, we can keep all your equipment running so that you can provide an excellent and reliable car wash for your customers. Please call us anytime, day or night, for any questions or to schedule a service call.

The rest is history!

Today Bud’s Car Wash Service performs car wash repairs all over the Mid-South.

Whether a single-bay gas station automatic system or a multi-bay self-service car wash, call Bud’s Car Wash Service for repairs today.

Bud the Dog

Bud's Car Wash Repair Service

Car wash repair in Memphis, Shelby County and West Tennessee, North Mississippi and East Arkansas.

Our truck wash repair team is on call across the I-40 and I-55 corridors in the Mid-South area.

Whatever the problem with your truck wash we can fix it fast with the right parts and expertise.

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